Call me a snob, but I just can’t endorse a garden with lots of plants displayed in black plastic nursery pots. In the world of lovely and ordered gardens that plays in a video loop in my head, every plant is housed in custom handmade ceramic pots. I admit that there are days (okay, most days) when a few plants in black pots are hanging out around my office door awaiting planting, but that doesn’t mean I have given up on the idea a garden free of black pots: one day, it will happen. Wait, not one day, this Sunday!

That’s right, in the Zona Garden’s Growdown! space, there will be exactly zero black plactic pots on display. In fact, quite the opposite: we will be sporting over 30 hand-built, custom glazed planters by Tucson ceramic artist (and astute plantswoman) Debra Raeber. Each one of these pots has been custom glazed in burnt orange and teal to match the color scheme of our display

garden. The pots feature silver and white spines/fleshed succulent species planted weeks ahead of time. Not only did Debra throw, glaze, and fire the pots, she also helped plant and care for the plants