Landscape Design

Photos of completed gardens designed by Scott Calhoun and Zona Gardens, LLC.

Civano Gold

La Reserve Rainwater Garden

Rainwater basins and low-care succulent plants to create a tapestry of color.

Sabino Canyon Courtyard Garden

A sleeper of a little garden in a Sabino Canyon area townhouse backyard.

Tortolita Color Blast

It was as if the design had leapt off my drawing board and come to life.

The Civano Seed Bank

Through selective weeding and resowing seeds, she has built up a seed bank in her garden that gets accrues compound interest.

Growdown! Garden Photos

Barrio Magic

This barrio-area landscape remodel began as a job to look at a few pots and evolved into a project that involved planting three courtyards, fabricating 4 steel trellises, and planting up over 30 substantial custom-picked pots.

Catalina Contemporary

Scott Calhoun framed views of the mountains with succulents, and clustered interesting cactus species both in the ground and in raised steel planters.

Zona Gardens Studio

Back in 2004, when my wife and I bought a studio space for my business with a blank slate garden, I was pretty excited. I’m just saying that having unfettered creative control is, well, awesome!

Circling An Idea

They hired us to do the design and we drew a circular seat wall, stock tank veggie garden, and lots of succulent plantings that were easy to care for.

Casa Granada

Zona Gardens designed and planted extensive container gardens in nearly every patio nook. The containers hold mix of sturdy cacti and succulents and a few potted annuals to lend color in the cool season.

Eastside Purple

The garden has a pollinator focus and plants such as black dalea hum with activity in the fall. Trees include desert willow and blackbrush acacia.

Rock & Roll Fence

The south-facing fence has warmed and nurtured a pair of Mexican fencepost cactus that are among the most handsome specimens on Tucson’s east side.

Beneath Palms

A curving gravel path and offset ocotillo panel fencing provide a secret passage to the rear garden.

Going in Circles

In this central Tucson backyard, we used circles to concoct a curvaceous plan: we began with a cylindrical rainwater cistern, a circle of turf, a raised circular cacti and succulent bed, with an adjacent circle pattern pavers.

The Green House

In the back we created a deer grass oasis around a stock-tank style fountain and salvaged mesquite tree. The back yard is watered by graywater from the Michal’s outdoor shower.

Working with Yellow

Beginning with a very-much-alive ocotillo fence to screen an adjacent construction site, we planted two varieties of Texas ranger, Texas firecracker bush, beaked yuccas, and mesquite.

Pine-Oak Woodland

We augmented the pine with Chinqaupin oaks, white orchid trees, ocotillo, deer grass, superb penstemon, sandpaper verbena and pale-leaf yucca.

Bear Grass + Silver Carpet

In a narrow rectangular space, we created a geometric grid of flagstone, ‘Silver Falls’ dichondra, interspersed with bear grass and rain lilies.

Sonoran-Asian Fusion

We fashioned as simple courtyard planting using Sonoran plants like desert willows, yellow orchid vine, bamboo muhly, slipper plant and grape ivy.

Moroccan Blues

Taking cues from what is probably the world’s most famous blue-walled garden, Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, Morocco, this central Phoenix courtyard uses silvery leaves and blue walls to make a design statement.

Saddlebrook Cactus Club

Wildlife attracting plants such as desert willow and palo verde trees to help create an equilibrium with the existing cactus-heavy plantings.

Faraway Skies

To break up the long rectangle of the backyard, we used a French curve-shaped steel border to separate a gravel patio from planted areas.

Flagstones + Feather Trees

I put a small stock tank fountain in the center of the garden, which effectively divided the garden into quadrants. In those quadrants I planted gorilla’s armpit, Texas tuberose, partridge breast aloe, and Angelita daisies.


Around the koi ponds I planted bull grass, Chihuahuan orchid shrub, and a variety of penstemon and agave species. Although the garden has a pool and koi ponds, the plants that surround those oasis areas require very little water.

Bounty of Boulders

This site was blessed with a surfeit of large rocks, some as big as VW vans.

Banking on Seed

They created a mighty seed bank in their soil. The resulting garden is thick with penstemon, fairy duster, desert marigold, and brittlebush.