What We Do

Through consultation and detailed assessment of your site, we strive to design a garden that both suits the site, your preferences, and the desert environment. Upon completion of the Zona Garden design process, you will have a planting plan that enables you to see the potential of your garden and to proceed with a clear vision throughout the installation process. To view photos of our work, click on Portfolio, then select, “Landscape Design”.


What We Don’t Do

High-maintenance, water-intensive landscapes comprised of plants that are ill-adapted and fickle in our desert climate. We steer clear of fussy bedding annuals, fake waterfalls, silly-shaped lawns, and designs that overuse hardscape materials. I am not an architect, and if structural work is to be done that is beyond my skills, I will recommend architects and/or engineers.

Where We Work

Our practice, and most of our work, is in and around Tucson, but we work in Phoenix as well. We also consider design work in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, El Paso, and Marfa. Additionally, we can design for cities in the Intermountain West such as Boise, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

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