When Marc White of Casablanca Horticulture called me to say I needed to take a look at a garden that we had done together a couple of years ago, I took notice. Marc is a great plantsman and his opinion of what is looking really cool counts for a lot. I got to the garden last week, and indeed, it was bursting with color; it was as if the design had leapt off my drawing board (okay, it is a digital drawing board, but you know what I mean) and come to life. I designed the garden to take in the stellar views of the very nearby Tortolita Mountains, so we used low green walls for the enclosure and topped those with two semi-circular seat-walls capped with native rock. The circular areas also house a beehive fireplace and urn fountain. In early may, the Greek germander was flowering like crazy creating silver and purple “puddles” of ground-level color.